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The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) wants you to consider a date when you want to plan your retirement. Several employees have already made their retirement plans long before they come of age. It is a very good thought since it will resolve many confusions and issues regarding retirement day and the benefits that come along with it. Therefore, many writings have been published regarding which would be the best day to retire when it comes to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or having an allowance.

There are many different days to choose from when planning for your retirement. Hence, you can choose any day for retirement once you fulfill the requirements. But certain days could be the best for planning your retirement. These specific days might provide you with benefits you had never imagined. If you choose the last day of the month, it can be favorable for FERS. On the other hand, choosing a day between the last day of the month and the third of the coming month may prove useful for the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). If you aim to have a healthy amount of your pay that is maximized to a good level, you may choose to retire at the year’s end. 

When you are looking for a Thrift Savings Plan, are there any days that might be valuable? Some days help to provide maximum savings at the end of your career. They might not be as advantageous as FERS and CSRS, but there might be something you would like to consider when you plan your retirement day. Following these approaches, you would keep yourself secure.

Firstly, if you want to retire at the end of the year, ensure that your deferral contributions for the existing year are at their maximum. In this way, your TSP would maximize. For instance, if you work for 26 days in a month and earn $20,500, you need to pay $789 per day according to 26 paydays. It will all be saved, and when you retire, you will have much more money than you thought. So, at the end of the year, you will have reached the maximum deferral amount in the last year of payment. Moreover, you will receive a full employer matching contribution since you have been given 5% of your monthly salary. (work 26 days in a month? I understand the 26 paydays (every other) but where does the 26 days in a month come in?)

Secondly, if you plan to retire at the end of the year, you will have to increase your contributions for that year. Use the strategy that is mentioned above. Divide the elective deferral amount by the paydays of that year. If you plan your retirement for the last day of October, you will work for 19 days only. Paying $1,079 per payday will bring a good elective deferral amount on the day you retire. Paying this much money can be difficult with ongoing inflation, but securing your future is better than utilizing it to build a modern look. Also, you will have a healthy lump sum when you retire since you contribute a maximum part of your salary to your TSP. Eventually, it will all be gold for you. 

Furthermore, employees who have attained the age of 50 can use a different approach as a retirement plan. By this age, they will have to look forward to maintaining their balance for retirement. Thus, these employees of this age or above, including the year they turned 50, can pay an extra $6,500 to their TSP. It would make a total of $27,000. Therefore, rather than giving a contribution of $789 that would maximize your regular contributions, you can pay $1,079 per payday. These strategies are only workable if you can afford to pay that much to the TSP. Many workers can do that since they are fortunate enough to pay a certain amount of their salary to pay into their TSP. Not everyone can afford to do that. If you are of the ones who cannot afford to do that, you can aim for the maximum amount you can pay without feeling a sense of burden. 

Lastly, regarding retirement, ensure you have a good amount of money for your needs. Even if you make and save a lot of money, it is still insufficient to live out your retirement days. Therefore, it is better to have more savings for your upcoming life than to have less and live miserably. If you still have enough time before you retire, you can start today by paying a good amount to the TSP.

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