Three Questions And Answers About Claiming Your Social Security.

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Marvin Dutton


Social Security is a significant part of retirement benefits, even though you may not get as much as you want from it, so it’s essential to make wise choices. The outcomes of your decisions about your Social Security will have an effect on how you live your retirement. 

However, some people count solely on Social Security, not knowing that the benefits are approximately 20,000 dollars a year. Others who are wise retire with some money saved up already – the Social Security benefit can come in afterward as an “extra”.

Therefore, before you start getting your retirement benefits, be sure that you can confidently answer the questions below. 

1. When can I retire for good?

The question you’ll need to answer before getting Social Security benefits is easy to answer. At what point will you be financially confident enough to retire?

The answer varies according to an individual; it could be 65, 68, or between that time. This time is the age where full benefits based on your past earnings can start rolling in.

2. What time is best for you to receive Social Security?

There is no particular best time for everyone to receive Social Security, and the decision solely rests on you. You can start getting your Social Security funds as early as 62, and it could be as late as 70. 

Moreover, receiving the benefits early will cause you to get smaller checks in high quantity while receiving them later will give you an 8% increment until age 70. To help your decision, think about how long you want it to last. Waiting a little longer might be great for people with the gift of long life.

3. How much money do I need to live on when I retire?

The best solution is to plan out your retirement in detail. It would be best to calculate how much money you will need throughout your retirement – you should also figure out how you will get it. You may have to save extensively, rely on a pension, or secure an extra source of income.

When you get a rough picture of the money coming from your Social Security retirement benefit and an estimation of what you can save and get from pensions, you will know how and where to invest in new income sources/businesses. 

You can find an estimate for your future social security benefit by creating an account on the Social Security Administration (SSA) website.

It’s advisable to prepare for retirement, make the most of your Social Security retirement benefits, make more money, save as much as possible, and rest assured of a comfortable retirement.

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