FERS OPM Medical Retirement -- How To Apply For It

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Nowadays, many federal employees suffer from certain medical conditions. However, they are still in an anxious state of mind where they can’t figure out why they need federal disability retirement and how to qualify for it. Though consulting an attorney is the best solution to come out of it, we are here to help you apply for federal OPM medical retirement. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Sign Up For FERS Medical Retirement

A medically challenged federal employee must complete five stages to qualify for FERS disability retirement funds.

Make an application for Social Security Disability Benefits

It is essential to apply for social security benefits first because FERS must detect if they have claimed Social Security disability payments when using them for FERS disability retirement.

Remember that you are not required to be accepted for SSDI to apply for FERS medical retirement funds. It is only necessary because you need to enclose a copy of the SS application receipt or grant notice with the FERS disability retirement application.

Fill out the Standard Form 3107 Application

Federal employees must apply for FERS medical retirement benefits while working in the public sector or within 12 months of leaving the service.

It is a long application form that requests comprehensive information such as personal info, a summary of federal service, marital status, type of annuity chosen, insurance details, and other claim information. It also includes payment instructions, claimant’s checklist, military experience, and military retirement pay details, workers’ compensation information, and the applicant’s credentialing that all information is entirely accurate.

Fill out Standard Form 3112, Disability Retirement Application Documentation

Federal employees who are disabled must produce documentation to support their FERS disability retirement application. The Standard Form (SF) 3112 consists of five significant forms, some of which are filled by the applicant and others by their physicians, supervisor, or agencies.

It includes the following:

1. Applicant’s Statement of Disability, Standard Form 3112A.

2. Supervisor’s Statement, Standard Form 3112B.

3. Physician’s Statement, Standard Form 3112C.

4. Agency Confirmation of Reassignment and Accommodation Attempts, Standard Form 3112D.

5. Disability Retirement Request Checklist, Standard Form 3112E.

Make Xerox Copies Of All documents

Make Xerox Copies of all applications supporting documentation and certification forms because FERS disability retirement applicants must keep them safe. 

Submit the Form

If the hiring agency currently employs the employee, you must send the application and relevant papers to the personnel office. It also applies to government workers out of work for 30 days or less. Later it’s the responsibility of the personnel office to forward it to OPM for assessment and confirmation of disability. However, if a federal employee has left government duty for 31 days or longer, they must submit everything to OPM directly. 

Final Words

Now you know how to apply for federal disability retirement. Make sure you don’t miss any important information while filling out the form, and you are good to go. 

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