Are You Having Difficulty Saving for Retirement?

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Did you know that on average most people need over $1 million to afford a comfortable retirement? Are you one of 75% of all Americans who worry they cannot afford to retire? Less than 22% of surveyed individuals feel confident they have adequate savings for their retirement years. Just a little half of all retirees have less than $250,000 put away, further highlighting the importance of a diversified retirement portfolio.

Most of America’s aging workforce is now facing a scarcity of retirement funds. The current belief among citizens is that they have failed to accumulate enough savings to retire altogether, which motivates them to increase funds for savings. Younger workers, who will statistically enjoy a longer lifespan, will have more time to grow said savings.

By taking a moment to delve into the numbers, we find a higher level of angst surrounding retirement, with only 3% of all retirees saying they are living the dream.

On the other hand, 37% of retirees feel they are living comfortably, with the remaining 37% feeling uncomfortable with their financial situation. Expenses are undoubtedly on the rise, which has led to nearly half of all retirees feeling as though they are paying too much in their golden years due to inflation.

If you are one of the many workers planning to fund retirement through a 401(k) or IRA plan, you won’t have to rely on Social Security payments. By making strides to save early, and often, you are poised to feel more confident in your tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts rather than risk playing catch-up. As a big, long-term goal, retirement usually requires individuals to focus on regularly occurring goals rather than the final goal.

Due to various standards of living, as well as the cost of inflation, Social Security often falls short of providing throughout retirement. Even though getting started is the most challenging step, there are many ways to begin saving for retirement. By creating a budget, you are more likely to prioritize retirement savings overall, with a figure you can stick to. You can begin to amass your retirement account savings by tracking expenses and simply living by a budget.

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